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Teaching (through McMaster University Medical School)

Welcome to West Lincoln Memorial Hospital. We're proud of our hospital and the role it plays in the teaching program through McMaster University Medical Program. Take a look around and learn more about our hospital and what we have to offer.

Gary L. Benson, Medical Director

Our Teaching Program through McMaster University Medical School 
Family Physician Teaching Program - Niagara Regional Campus 
About West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Our Teaching Program through McMaster University Medical School

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital remains very committed to teaching with most of our medical staff involved in teaching various learners, including medical students, residents and midwives.  Our involvement in the teaching program has enabled us to attract new physicians to our area, physicians who have been introduced to our communities through their experiences as students with us.  This year we have two new family physicians joining our staff.  The new McMaster University Medical School regional campus(http://fammedmcmaster.ca/residency-program/flashmovie.2008-12-02.5373023810)  in St. Catharines is lead by Dr. Karl Stobbe, a member of our medical staff.

Family Physician Teaching Program - Niagara Regional Campus

WLMH is also part of the Niagara Regional Campus (http://fhs.mcmaster.ca/mdprog/niagara_regional_campus.html) teaching program for family physicians in St. Catharines - developed in part by Dr. Karl Stobbe. This model is working extremely well and is popular - we typically have over 80 medical students / residents at WLMH every year. This program provides medical students and residents the opportunity to work at a large community hospital where they can get experience in the full range of family care including the necessary training in obstetrics.

In fact, a good percentage of our family physicians choose to practice at WLMH because of either their teaching experience or the fact that they can practice in a hospital with a Family Practitioner obstetrics model of care. Aside from being excellent training, our program plays a critical role in recruiting physicians to work at WLMH. Family doctors like working here because they can stay in their local communities and offer a continuum of care to their patients. They can be involved in their patients' care regardless of where they enter the system. We also believe this approach accounts in large part for the high level of patient satisfaction at WLMH.

For more information on these programs please go to:

McMasters Medical Program (http://fammedmcmaster.ca/residency-program/flashmovie.2008-12-02.5373023810) which offers residency options for medical students looking for rotations in smaller hospitals. 

The Family Medicine Residency Program

Niagara Regional Campus (http://fhs.mcmaster.ca/mdprog/niagara_regional_campus.html)

Rural Residency Sites: http://fammedmcmaster.ca/sites/rural

Brochure: http://fammedmcmaster.ca/residency-program/flashmovie.2008-12-02.5373023810

Interested in learning more about the Niagara Regional Campus? 
Click here Niagara Regional Campus for more background information.

About West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

WLMH has been providing exceptional care and service to over 65,000 residents of West Niagara  since 1946. WLMH officially became a site of Hamilton Health Sciences in 2013 through amalgamation.

On average each year, staff and physicians at WLMH care for more than: 25,000 individuals who visit the Emergency Department, 2,900 patients who are admitted to the hospital, and 1,000 babies and moms. In addition, WLMH performs over 2,700 surgeries, of which 80 per cent are on an outpatient basis.

WLMH is unique in its focus on integrating primary care. Local and family physicians comprise the medical staff working in the Emergency Department, operating rooms and throughout all areas of the hospital.

In partnership with McMaster University’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine located at Brock University, WLMH is also a teaching site for medical students in Niagara.  

Thanks to our diverse team of dedicated physicians and onsite specialists, WLMH provides 24/7 Obsetrical, General Internal Medicine, Emergency, and Anesthetic care. 

Medical Director - Dr. G. Benson

Site Chief of Emergency Services - Dr. T. Johnson

Site Chief of Surgery - Dr. L. Zettel

Site Chief of Anaesthesia – Dr. T. Suhadolc

Site Chief of Obstetrics/Gynaecology  - Dr. N. Nwebube

Site Chief of Family Medicine, Interim – Dr. G. Benson

Site Chief Hospitalist Dr. P. Cano

Site Chief of Internal Medicine – Dr. R. Ghattas

Site Chief of Diagnostic Imaging – Dr. B. Prysiazny


West Lincoln Memorial Hospital • Grimsby, Ontario • 905-945-2253