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During Your Stay

Whether you are coming to the hospital for a clinic appointment, day surgery or an inpatient stay, a little preparation will help your visit go smoothly. Here is a list of items you should bring with you when you come to the hospital:

  • Appointment information
  • Doctor's name
  • Location of where your appointment is taking place
  • Name and phone number of referring physician
  • Name and phone number of your family physician if different from above
  • Health card

If you will be staying overnight, please bring the above listed items as well as:

  • Toiletries and personal items (ie. Toothbrush, comb, etc.)
  • Bathrobe
  • Change of clothes for your trip home

Emergency Preparedness Drills

During your stay you may hear the fire alarm. Please understand our staff participate in regularly scheduled emergency drills. This is our way of ensuring all staff members are fully prepared should an emergency situation arise. Rest assured your caregiver is well trained and prepared to assist you during any emergency situation.

Click here to read Fire Safety Information for Patients and Visitors

Cell Phones

Patient and visitor use of cell phones is prohibited in all areas of the hospital except: lobbies, cafeterias, public hallways, and business offices (e.g. Admitting, Cashier, Medical Records, non-clinical support offices etc). The devices must be turned off when entering clinical areas (wards, cardiac, critical care, outpatient rooms, diagnostic test areas such as MDU, etc.)

All users of cell phones are asked to maintain at least 1 meter from any medical device when in common areas of the hospital.

Balloon Policy

Latex balloons are prohibited in all HHS facilities as they can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Alternatively, MYLAR (shiny foil) balloons may be brought into the hospital.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is a serious health hazard and all HHS hospitals are smoke-free facilities. Visitors, patients and staff are not permitted to smoke in any of the hospital's buildings. Provincial law also prohibits smoking within nine metres (30 feet) of any hospital entrance. Hospital security and municipal by-law officers enforce these restrictions.

Use of Scents

We share our air, so please keep others in mind.  Limit your use of perfume, cologne, aftershave, and scented hairsprays as these can cause severe allergic reactions to some of our patients, volunteers and staff members.

Spiritual Care

Voluntary Chaplains provide spiritual care for patients, their families and staff.  They offer spiritual counseling, emotional support, prayer and resources for addressing ethical and religious concerns.  Voluntary Chaplains will also contact a patients or family's own pastor or refer to a Spiritual Care Provider of their own denomination or religion.

Spiritual Care is a source of strength and healing when facing difficult situations.  Speak to your nurse to have the voluntary on-call Chaplain paged at any time day or night.

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital holds Memorial Services throughout the year commemorating those who have passed away. For more information about the Memorial Services contact Niagara West Palliative Care at ext. 413.

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital • Grimsby, Ontario • 905-945-2253